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Macy Dorf: Interview with VoyagePhoenix

Here's an interesting and fun interview featuring Macy Dorf, ceramist and Artists on Santa Fe Gallery's owner, conducted by VoyagePhoenix:  




Macy Dorf: New Outdoor Installation

Check this out:  Macy Dorf has recently completed and installed a lovely and large ceramic garden work at a private home in the Littleton area.... 




New Painting by Susan Helbig

Would you believe that the painting below is actually a very realistic painting of a small section of a hearse? A year ago, the hearse parked in front of the gallery and two young women emerged.  They were in the process of "refurbishing" this old vehicle, sanding down the rough spots and general repairs.  I took numerous photos of the beautiful rusting, pealing surface and then eventually, ended up with this painting! Sure looks totally abstract, but in fact is a very real depiction.

"Conveyance" by Susan Helbig
Mixed Media 48"x48" 


July: Abstract Paintings by Nicole Korbe

Come see Nicole Korbe's mixed media abstract paintings at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery during July!  Nicole will be present on July 20, 5-8 PM, for the 3rd Friday Artists's Reception.  Visit with her about her unusual painting processes and enjoy her colorful, textural very affordable paintings.


"Surge" by Nicole Korbe


July 2018 - New work by Leigh Cabell

Stop in to Artists on Santa Fe Gallery some hot day when you want to cool off and see some terrific art. Resident artist Leigh Cabell will be exhibiting another fun and interesting creation made from found objects, looking curiously like footprints!  Can you guess what kind of materials she used?