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Curious about what's happening at the Artists on Santa Fe? Visit this page often to see what our artists are working on.


Susan Helbig: New Images for March Exhibition

Here's a sample - one of eight new mixed media paintings shown at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery during the month of March:


Macy Dorf: Kiln Image of New Work - February 2017

New sculptural and functional work by Macy Dorf



New Paintings: Susan Helbig

The December show at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery features new work by all sixteen gallery members.  Here are a couple of mixed media abstract paintings by Susan Helbig.  "Haipei" and "Murzuk" just sold; "Blueprint 1-3" is still available.  Come to the gallery to see the finer details!



"Blueprint 1-3" - Mixed Media, 30"30" each panel, may be hung horizontally



New work by Susan Helbig

Several new mixed media abstract paintings by gallery member Susan Helbig are now on view at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery.  Be sure to visit her studio located just behind the gallery to see more of her work.


'Fissure' by Susan Helbig


Ghosts at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery!

Stop into the gallery on a sunny morning and you will see a strange bird with a beret puzzling over two ghostly images staring into the front window.  Just a preview to Halloween, perhaps?


Ceramic sculptures by Kim Dufford