Leigh Cabell

I believe art should be engaging, it should make you smile, feel good about life or maybe it makes you view something in a different way. Mostly I hope you just enjoy the whimsical nature of my work.

But if you would like to have a deeper understanding of my art’s message, then I would like you to think about the environment and how what each of us does affects the whole. Consider that many things that you can do, for example: Pick up a piece of trash, reuse a bag at the store, recycle, hang laundry or riding your bike has an impact. When added to similar actions by others, the effect can be astounding. Together we can help the world remain a beautiful place, one little piece at a time.

Each of my creations is made from things we discard. The items on the little squares are things I have found or others have rescued for me. All are individually sewn together and then arranged to create a larger piece of art.

A little personal note, most of the wall art has an origami crane and a tootsie roll wrapper hidden in the piece.

Contact Information:
ph: 303-573-5903