Marti Neveln

Life can be filled with beauty and discovery when we slow down and take notice. I have found photography to be an avenue to appreciate the splendor in our everyday world. I look for the beauty in simplicity, in the quiet moments of the day, and in the constant rhythm of life.

I often photograph natural settings because I find solace in the stillness found there. Life’s fast pace, along with its technological focus, removes us from the human element. Thus, knowing who we are and what we want become more difficult. Creating a sense of quietude allows one to pull away from the world, to refocus, and to awaken niches that lie sleeping. These moments provide an opportunity to balance high tech lives; a connection to the natural world provides a way to connect to self.

I am drawn to scenes that convey a sense of contemplation and wonder. Shortly after I began studying photography, I came to realize that I “see” in black and white. Therefore, my images are mostly in black, white and shades of gray. In this mode I am better able to emphasize composition and mood.

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