Wilson Thomas

Creating art is essential; it is part of the human experience. I find beauty in organic forms as well as geometric shapes. I draw inspiration from nature, history, tradition, technology, natural disaster, love, and the unknown. I feel the motion of asymmetry, how the slightest shift in balance can create joy and momentum. I enjoy working with fire, molten metal, and gemstones. Just as the roots of a tree embrace weathered rocks in their knuckles, I feel compelled to capture gemstones in a graceful arrangement of precious metals.

I have found home in the jewelry studio. My work is the culmination of the path that led me here; music, melody, harmony, timbre, biology, chemistry, ceramics, printing, hitchhiking, wandering, observing, and always opening new doors. I love the precision required in jewelry making, but also the wild abandon that sparks fresh ideas and flowing shapes. How will I leave my small and humble mark here on this beautiful planet? I am driven to create little treasures that captivate the imagination, that express our need for creativity and adornment.

Contact Information:
ph: 928-380-8502