Showing at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery  ~  July  ~  2015:


Blind Justice Takes a Peek:

Dee Schaad

"The Tourists" by Dee Schaad

Exhibition Dates:

July 1 through August 1, 2015

1st Friday Art Walk:  July 3, 6-9 PM

3rd Friday Artist's Reception:  July 17, 5-8 PM

This summer Artists on Santa Fe Gallery is once again fortunate to feature famed Indianapolis artist/educator Dee Schaad.  Schaad's nationally exhibited and collected earthenware ceramic figures are at once curious, whimsical and even a bit mischievous.  This exhibition, "Blind Justice Takes a Peek", is based on history, myth, and current events.  Don't miss this opportunity to be amused and highly entertained by a master ceramist!

Words from Dee Schaad:

"Whimsical is the word that best describes these ceramic objects.  These pieces, whether vessel-formatted or stand-alone figures, are all based on characters from History, Literature or my imagination.  Needless to say I have a lot of fun making them.  Each object takes considerable time to complete (hey! I'm working for minimum wage here).

They are made from white earthenware and decorated with colored engobes, glazes and lusters.  Cups are glazed inside and out but I like to leave engoble-enriched surfaces unglazed when possible, making the colors more vibrant. The inside of vessels are glazed just in case they are used to hold something.  The pieces are kiln fired for permanence and durability.  My work can be found in both private and public collections as well as a number of books and periodicals. My philosophy is be anything you want - just don't be boring."

We will also be displaying other fine works of art  - paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and sculpture.  Join us on 1st and 3rd Fridays for fun evenings at our gallery and while you're there, explore two floors of studios inhabited by thirty artists working in a variety of media. Visit with the artists and see what's happening at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery + Studios!


                                    The 1st Friday Free Shuttle service is back!

Our guided-shuttle coach runs a continuous loop between the Light Rail Station at Osage St. and 10th Ave. to the galleries and other creatives along Kalamath St. to W. Byers Ave. at the Rackhouse Grill; then up Santa Fe. Dr. to the parking lot at West High School on Galapago St., to Santa Fe. Dr. and 10th St, and back to the Osage Light Rail Station.  The free shuttle runs from 5:30 - 9:30 pm every First Friday.  Click the link below to see a map of the route.

The ArtDistrict is located on and near Santa Fe Drive and Kalamath Street between Alameda and 12th Avenues.


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